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How to Design a Balanced Kitchen

As minimalistic designs gain popularity, it is becoming easier to mix aesthetics with space efficiency when designing living spaces. When it comes to the kitchen, though, the principle is frequently abandoned. After all, you’ve got your stove, pots and pans, gadgets, and a whole lot more! In today’s modern homes, kitchens are no longer seen as utilitarian places hidden away. Contemporary kitchens are more aesthetically pleasing and useful. Kitchen cabinet designs, their placement, dimension, and quantity are all important considerations when constructing a kitchen. If you’re preparing to have the kitchen in your new house created, we have a few pointers that may help you choose the correct cabinet mix.

Strike a Balance

Cabinetry and shelves in a well-balanced kitchen are created with easy use in mind. Smaller and lighter objects are generally stored in upper cabinets in most households. Dinner sets, glass sets, and other items may be included in the storage. Heavy objects, such as large pots, utensils, and pans, can be stored in lower cabinets.

Think Drawers!

Cabinets are a terrific way to improve the visual appeal of your kitchen, but they are inefficient as they take up a lot of space. The regions above the objects housed inside the cabinet squander a lot of potential space. In this situation, replacing these cupboards with drawers or pull-outs can be a great method to add more storage without sacrificing the kitchen’s aesthetic. In fact, a single cabinet area can hold three to four drawers, which adds to the availability of more space.

Have Fewer Cabinets

Fewer cabinets on the upper level can help to streamline the kitchen’s appearance, making it appear more open, airy, and uncluttered. Keeping upper cabinets to a minimum also leaves more room for wall art or photographs, adding a unique personal touch. You can also display your favorite dishes on open shelves.

Portable Kitchen Island

A static kitchen island may be a waste of space if your kitchen has a small footprint to begin with. However, islands can create more counter and storage space. A balance can be achieved by purchasing a sleek rolling kitchen cart that may also serve as a mobile kitchen island! It saves counter space, reduces clutter and mess in the kitchen, and even functions as a temporary preparation area when required. When you’re finished, simply roll it out to clear the space!

Choose Light Colors

Colors have an impact on the elegance of space, and the kitchen will be no exception! Light hues, on the other hand, will make the kitchen appear larger and more inviting. An all-white kitchen with tones of vanilla, cream, and off-white can seem quite elegant. Even if you don’t want to completely renovate your kitchen, using a light color scheme on the walls, cabinets, and backsplash can help. To improve your kitchen on a budget, simply purchase light-colored cookware, pans, chopping boards, linens, and so on.

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t plan it according to your dreams. For an aesthetically pleasing and vibrant kitchen design visit our team at Chupp Custom Cabinetry

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